Family Fitness Program


Exercise physiologists suggest that parents teach their children by example to get up, get out and together make exercise fun. Doing so will keep the whole family physically and emotionally healthier.

The program goal is to involve the entire family in exercise to help children develop a lifelong healthy life style. Parents, grandparents, other adult relatives and guardians who exercise with their children in this 3-month long program build strong family bonds and improve their health and fitness. Walking, jogging, hiking or bike riding activities earn points. Upon completion of the program, families will receive familygetfit bronze, silver, gold, platinum or platinum+ award certificates based upon the family's performance.

This program also fits nicely with employee/employer needs of any business, hospital, church, public utility, government and educational institutions. It fosters healthier employees with reduced absenteeism and improved energy and clearer thinking.

Family Achievement Award

  1. "Family Get Fit" Achievement Program Instructions
  2. Tally Sheet (PDF)
  3. Certificate - coming soon

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